Broken Heart Cure works over Skype!

Annie (not her real name) was pretty nervous doing hypnosis over skype but her friend had recommended me and was in the room with her as we spoke. Annie said that was fine because this friend had been her ally all along – and hadn’t liked the ex much anyway.

I had sent a document previously on what hypnosis was/wasn’t and a bullet list of things to set up before going online with me. so she was ready.

Her ex had left for a younger woman, her self esteem was as low as could be but she was putting a brave face on for their six year old girl who was also suffering because daddy had another baby now of one year (born before Annie had found out about the affair).

We did the brokenheart cure mostly as demonstrated in the eCourse adding future pacing for child visits to be cordial, and backfilling with lots of ego strengthening. Annie felt great afterwards but a little wary of how it would be next weekend at visit time (would her lips tremble as before?)

Two weeks later (Thursday to be precise) she was back online, dressed smartly and wearing full makeup and not needing friend as reassurance. She now felt better within herself and wanted another session to get over jealousy and resentment of the other woman. We reinforced the ex cut cords then did some chair therapy work and cord cutting with the “other woman”, and positive cords and commitments to self and her daughter to be stronger and better and better every day.

I had a phone call earlier to say husband and his new lady had collected her daughter and Annie had felt numb, “nothing” and looking forward to a weekend with friends. She even asked if she could go dating soon … what do you think my happy answer was?

Next, she is going to learn SleepTalk to use nightly with her six year old to build her self esteem and feelings of being safe and secure.

I love my job!


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