Self Hypnosis for Stop Smoking


Be smoke free forever with this self hypnosis download.


Tobacco and smoking habits are no longer acceptable and you have seen your friends quit but you can’t. So you believed.

Would you like to see the cigarettes and cigars being passed around and say “No. Thankyou. I am a non-smoker” and know you are a non-smoker for life.  Then choose a deep breath of satisfaction instead? It’s possible with repeated listening to this powerful hypnosis procedure.

First, decide a date – tell yourself you are quitting, stopping, taking control (and no longer just “giving up”). Then simply sit or lie down, listen to this downloaded MP3 that reminds your brain that you have choice, no one and nothing is allowed to control you. You are going to love saying no to those smokers and tobacco items that used to control you.

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