“Beryl Comar is a corporate EQ rockstar! This class helped me form a strategy for working hypnosis into my plans for corporate marketing. Awsome information! I would take this class again and again as Beryl is a virtual fountain of information” – Roberta Fernandez

“Thank you for an amazing, fun learning experience, taking what we already know and adding framework to be able to use immediately” – Janice Corsano

“Every course Beryl Comar teaches is full of pearls. A good hypnotist can integrate straight away. I will be integrating EQ/EI into my hypnosis session, as well as using EQ/EI to open more doors in Corporations. Thank you so much!”

“A MASSIVE THANK YOU for being the wonderful teacher that you are. You have so much enthusiasm, which is contagious. I feel honoured to have been trained directly from the source. You are THE BEST! 🥰” – Anne Marie Carter