The Broken Heart Cure

Imagine how wonderful it would be if there were a quick, and easy way to help clients recover from all the pain and sadness that often comes after the breakup of a relationship. If only there were some technique we could apply that would allow our clients to move on, and even pave the way for a new relationship to blossom.

Beryl Comar has developed – The Broken Heart Cure – and the good news is, it is now available to download as an eCourse!

Beryl’s vast experience in dealing with her international clients’ heart breaks has allowed her to fine tune an effective protocol, combining strategies from NLP and Hypnosis; to successfully release people from the pain of loss and rejection, and leaving them free to build a bright, positive future for themselves. This powerfully, profound technique has helped so many to recover, not only from the pain suffered from romantic relationships, but also from hurts caused by friends, children or relatives, and even the loss of a pet, job, limb or a home to name a few.

This is an invaluable tool for any therapist or practitioner, or even for self-help use.

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Who will benefit from purchasing and learning from this course:
  • Consulting Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists.
  • Hypnosis Students.
  • NLP Practitioners.
  • Psychologists and Psychotherapists.
  • Life Coaches and Relationship Coaches.
  • People with Broken Hearts who want to follow the DVDs and heal themselves.
The Broken Heart Cure will help to:
  • Accept their situation.
  • Forgive themselves and others for any wrongdoing.
  • Release and let go of the shock, anger, guilt, grief, disbelief, depression and self torture.
  • Cut the emotional and physical cords that used to bind them.
  • Elevate and restore self confidence and self esteem.
  • Move on and find love again.
What will you get with the eCourse?

The eCourse download includes:

  • 2 instructional demonstration videos.
  • 1 PDF document with the detailed protocol outline.
  • 1 mp3 audio file of Beryl, presenting The Broken Heart Cure at HypnoThoughts Live.
  • A special bonus gift! You will receive an mp3 audio file of Beryl’s self hypnosis for Ego Strengthening.

*For an additional fee, you will also have the option of submitting an assesment if you wish to recieve your certificate of completion. You will also be listed as a certified practitioner on The Broken Heart Cure page at

This downloadable course is ideal for those are unable to attend a workshop in person and can be studied in your own time.

What are other people saying about Beryl’s Broken Heart Cure?

“I attended your presentation in Vegas and was so impressed, so I am looking forward to using this technique with some of my friends and clients.” TC

“I went into trance while you were doing the demonstration with the guy and followed along whilst in hypnosis – it worked. I feel great, neutral, new life. Thankyou, you are a godsend.” EW

“I want you to know that I checked up on the guy you did the demo on… he still feels great.” MH

“What did you do? I feel amazing. I saw HIM! Today and felt nothing. Nothing at all. Can’t thank you enough.” SAH

“I had no hope when my friend told me you could help. But I feel fantastic. I am moving on, work is going great. I can’t believe I ever saw anything in (x).” FAB

Click Here To Buy & Instantly Download The Broken Heart Cure Now!