Beryl trains in Dubai and internationally, with several courses on offer. If you would like to know more about dates then please get in touch ( or click here to consult the training calendar. Read on for details on course content.


Course Description: This is an intensive 4-day training that covers the essential skills and knowledge in NLP. We use NLP to teach NLP in simple English. We introduce you to NLP as a model for discovering the structure of human behaviour with a focus on how to run your own brain so that you can then manage your own emotional states and understand others more. You will discover how to…  

Use the basic rapport-building, listening, and influence skills of NLP. 

Access and manage states by anchoring, reframing, and using dozens of NLP patterns.

Use language both for precision and hypnotic influence and persuasion. 

Cure phobias in minutes, how to direct your brain to new habits, how to let go of the past, how to design well-formed outcomes for mastering in goal setting, and you will learn how to become efficient with time.

♥ Not everyone is convinced about this training. Until they try it, that is. As soon as you step into this seminar, you will be delighted with new insights, new ideas, new strategies and new approaches to getting what you want, in the shortest time possible. 

Length of Course: 4 days usually 9am – 5 or 6pm

Who benefits from this course? The innately curious person thinks NLP is fascinating!  So, if you are always wondering how something works or how people do what they do or why you do some of the things you do, then NLP gives you the tools to find the answers.

Others – those who want to be more productive, more effective, who strive toward excellence.  Because of its precision, NLP will allow you to maximize your potential in the least amount of time.

NLP has also been successfully applied in a wide number of professions such as business, sales, education, mental health, medicine, sports, law, communications, and so on.  You can use anywhere in which improved communication skills will help you succeed, or where personal productivity is important.  NLP helps overcome limitations so that you can become all that you can be.


Course Description: A pre requisite for this course is a basic practitioner certification. 

This class is designed to be a resource for the rest of your life, and take you to toward Certified NLP Coach level.

You will learn more in this intensive, power packed short course than most learn in long, drawn out, formal training. You will have fun; expand your awareness, and experience deep change NOW!!! You will learn and experience the little known nuances of conscious/subconscious awareness for understanding human behavior and rapidly accelerating change. You master covert NLP language, logical levels, time line therapy, Erickson hypnotic language and embedded commands to help people make great changes in their life.

Length of Course: 4 days

Who benefits from this course? Those who wish to go in-depth into “what makes me tick”.  Also, those who want to go beyond personal change into helping others.


Course Description: Coaching is about helping people not only solve some problems of daily living, but about helping people get more out of living. Do they want a life that is rich, meaningful, and fulfilling? Do they want to take charge of choices and live life “on purpose” with a sense of direction? Learn how to move from therapy to coaching and take clients from problems to solutions. Now you have the skills and knowledge from earlier, this course we coach you step by step the attitudes to move into full time coaching, Includes business building, niche identification, working on VOIP, face to face and with groups, and marketing strategies

Length of Course: 1 very intensive day and case studies.

Who benefits from this course? Those who want to become a US Certified NLP Coach and have completed courses: NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, EFT level 1, Drama Triangle. This is the final module.


Course Description: The Drama Triangle is the basis of most stories with:

A victim (Cinderella) 

A persecutor (the ugly sisters) 

And a rescuer (the Fairy Godmother). 

These dramas happen in families all the time, with mum rescuing, one child saying “poor me” (victim) and another saying, “It’s all your fault” (persecutor). It happens in school too with children being bullied, and children feeling the teacher “doesn’t like me” or that “someone’s being ‘mean’ to me”.

When we, or our children, grow up with struggles around learning and processing, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia etc. may sometimes feel like a victim.

Living in difficult home situations, with disabilities or health conditions, or siblings with difficulties sometimes feel like victims. Some victims decide to be bullies in order to protect themselves, or in order to control (narcissist). Others stay with bullies because they never learn to speak up as an “adult”.

BUT it’s a choice. Not everyone with reason to feel ‘poor me’ victim, does feel like a victim. They resolve the issue, find ways to do things that are difficult and step away from the Drama Triangle.

“I’m OK, You’re OK” is probably the best-known expression of the purpose of this transactional analysis: to establish and reinforce the position that recognizes the value and worth of every person. We learn to regard people as basically OK; and thus capable of change, growth, and healthy interactions.

Length of course: 5-6 hours (usually 8.30am – 2pm)

Who benefits from this course? Do you recognize yourself (or others) above and the patterns created? Do you want to change your own or others’ patterns?

Parents – You don’t have to rescue your child, you learn how to help your child (and yourself) build self-esteem by stepping away from the Triangle.

Couples – If you are in a relationship that is not working you will understand how to communicate better (couples who attend together have huge AHA moments!

Teens – You will understand your triggers and how to choose manage your responses.

Singles – are you wondering why you always stay with the bully, or the victim? Come and learn how to break your conditioning and how to communicate in ways that will attract the partner you would like.

Therapists who want to add Transactional Analysis to their pre-talk and deeper skills.

Counsellors working with relationship issues.



Course Description: Learn the famous course (available as an ecourse at taught live by the founder. It is a process, a  combination of NLP techniques and automatic writing which Beryl has taught at various conventions globally to build up ability to be independent of a former “love” and build self esteem 

From the cling-on “I miss the good times” mindset, feelings are neutralized to the “It’s all neutral now”, “I don’t know what I ever saw in him/her” mindset. As the brain always moves from Pain to pleasure it is responsible for keep them away from the pain and the relationship now. There are guaranteed demonstrations and breakthroughs in this course.

Length of Course: 3 to 4 hours dependent upon audience previous skill set

Who benefits from this course? NLP & Hypnosis Practitioners, Psychologists and coaches.


Course Description: Learn from the author of the HypnoDontics: A Manual for Dentists & Hypnotists. How to use Hypnosis, NLP, EFT as well as other mind-sciences to help clients and patients overcome dental issues that are affect them negatively:  Issues such as fears and phobias, gagging, bruxism, teeth grinding, bleeding gums, sensitivity, pain management, anxiety, smoking, bulimia. As a bonus, hypnotists can help dentists with their stress, and the aches and pains of standing and sitting in certain positions all day. Graduates can be placed on the www.HYPNODONTICSWORLD.COM website and be found by dental patients. 

Length of Course: 2 days

Who benefits from this course? Hypnotherapists who want to take their next level, those who want to work in dental offices and have dentists refer their patients. Dentists who are interested in hypnosis in the ir workplace.